17 reasons why to volunteer abroad?

Have you heard about volunteering opportunities in different countries but you are not sure if it’s something for you? Are you thinking of advantages and disadvantages of this experience? Then this article will definitely add some points to your list of pros.

Here is my list of reasons why everybody should try volunteering:

  • You get to know a new country (not only as a tourist but also as a local cause you stay with locals)
  • You learn about different culture, religion and history you would never thought about
  • You learn something new that can help you professionally (in my case, as I volunteer as a teacher I learned all the skills connected, so presentation skills, leadership, being able to improvise, etc.)
  • You learn a new language (possibly at least basics, in Vietnamese even being able to ask for some kind of food was a  helper with your future career)
  • You make friends all around the world (anytime you wanna travel you have a friend in each continent to visit)
  • You meet people with the same vibe as you (it’s super easy to connect to people that share the same passion as you do and moreover are willing to work for free)
  • You meet many inspiring people that follow their dreams and wanna change the world around them (unfortunatel
  • huge deal for me)
  • You find out what you really like, cause if you work for free you do something that make you feel happy (this is amazing
  • y normally you don’t meet this kind of people on daily basis)
  • You help community, animals, nature…. (depending on the project you choose)
  • You become tolerant and respectful (as you usually have to stay with different people 24/7 and cooperate with them to make the project work)
  • It will open your eyes and you will appreciate what you have at home (you realize that many things we are used to are not normal for half of the planet)
  • You become open-minded (getting to know different culture, religion and habits will help you understand that each of us is different but at the same so similar)
  • You become independent (travel to completely new place require a bit of independence, hahaa)
  • You become positive and fearless (from rats running in the kitchen, crazy traffic, to stolen money, you will come to point when you know that every problem has a solution)
  • Rewarding feeling is priceless (happy faces, hugs, smiles, that’s what you get J)

To sum up: volunteering is an awesome, life-changing experience that will shift your skills and you become a better person while improving the world! Can it sound any better?

Check out my other articles with more details to decide on how to arrange your volunteering and if you have any more following concerns I will be happy to help.

Your KlaraExploradora

(this article was written on the looong flight from Frankfurt to Panama)

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