Getting around with public transport in Peru

As there are many types of vehicles driving around – taxis, colectivos, combis, buses, etc., it seems impossible to find sort of a system in public transport

To make it more clear:

  • if you want to use a taxi, always get a registered one with signs from outside and agree about the price before you get in (you can always bargain with a driver so don´t be afraid to reject a taxi and find a another cheeper one, there are so many of them). Good tip is to ask a local how much is a normal price to get to a certain place so they will not screw you
  • tuk tuks – mototaxi with 3 seats in the back are used mostly for short distances – up to 5-10 mins, they charge usually 1 sol, maximum 2 soles
  • colectivos are regular cars with signs on the front window with directions where they go. They always use same routes and you can get in and get off anywhere on their route. The price is fixed – ot varies from 1,50 soles (in the city) – 5 soles (to go out of the city). Drivers always show how many seats are left (they can take up to 5 people – 3 in the back and 2 in the front) so don´t get confused if you will see a driver showing you ¨peace¨, it just means that there are two more seats left in his colectivo
  • combis are vans that are usually faster and more dangerous. If you are taller you can have problems to fit in… 😛 you always pay a guy that is accompanying a driver and shouting out destination of the bus. Don´t be surprised that you don´t get a ticket, you never do.
  • regular buses or so called “micros”– have different colours and letters that indicate their direction. There can be a special person for shouting direction and charging or only a driver that will also charge you.

Conclusion: choose a type of transportation that’s suits you the best and the most importantly goes your direction.


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