10 reasons to visit Trujillo

Many peope avoid Trujillo cause they don´t know what it can offer. The truth is that you can actually do many cool things around here – starting from adventurous activities ending with archaeological sites and a lot of delicious and cheap food in between.

Check below some awesome recommendations for top 10 things to do in Trujillo.

1. Enjoy beautiful and colorful colonial architecture in Plaza de Armas

Stroll around the center, get some ice-cream or street food and enjoy the atmosphere and the vibe of the center. There is always something going on: dancing, singing or just everyday life of trujillanos.

2. Walk around the longest artistic mural in Latin America

– Mural is located all around National University (15 mins walking distance form city center). Mural is 3 km long and it´s made with 30 million of mosaic tiles creating different images from history, nature etc.

3. Try amazing food and go to places where locals eat

– Enjoy typical Peruvian dishes such as Ceviche, Papa a la Huacahina, Ají de gallina, Cabrito, Lomito Saltado or cheap and tasty Street food like Papa rellena, tamales, Are you sick? Treat yourself as a local and get an Emoliente- a drink made of different herbs sold on the streets on early mornings or evenings

4. Get to know history of the region

– discover per-Incas cultures that built amazing constructions. There are two main archaeological sites within 20 mins from center and surely worth to see. The first is Temple of the Sun and the Moon – in spanish: Huacas that were built by moche culture and the second one is Chan chan (the biggest adobe city in South America) that was constructed by Chimu culture. There are also museums with cool stuff that were excavated in the area.

5. Surf a wave and get the best Cremolada in Peru 

– Visiting Huanchaco while you are in Trujillo is a must. There is nothing special about the beach but there is somthing unique about the things you can do here. If you want to try surfing, apart from surfboards there is also an option to surf a wave on a traditional boat made by straw (caballito de totora) with a cool local fisherman that will give you an awesome ride on top of the waves (the price is like 5 soles). In case you are planning to learn how to surf you can get super cheap private lessons from about 40-60 soles per lesson. Even though, the beach is a bit dirty there are nice views and cute bars/restaurants around. Moreover there is the best cremolada in Peru, called Oceano (my favourite flavour is coconut and peanuts. they are both with chunks of fruits! Yum!)

6. Dance

– There are many dancing schools in the center or you can try the backpacke´s option in one of the hostels in Huanchaco – there is a free salsa lesson at Jumpix every Thursday at 11pm. If you wanna learn with locals and practice there is a place with live salsa band every Thursday till Saturday called Casa de la Segovia.

7. Experience International Festival

– The best ones to see are held in February – Marinera festival (traditional dance festival) and in September – spring festival (full of flowers, allegoric cars, dancers and beauty queens)

8. Slide a dune in Conache

– Sandboarding in peaceful oasis is a great half-day option for adventurous souls. You can either come here with a tour or alone and rent boards here (from 5 soles). Don´t be afraid to try it cause you can go down even sitting or lying on the board which is so much fun. Moreover, views are stunning.

9. See show Caballos de Paso

 show is about music, dancing and introducing a special breed of a horse. It is a cool combination. Horses are actually trained to march in rhythm of Marinera music. You can enjoy the show everyday in Palo Marino at 1:15pm and 2:45pm.

10. Help community and volunteer

– by doing volunteering you can empower local community and also learn something new. I can recommend a great NGO called Hilo Rojo that has its own school in the poorest area of the city for unprivileged kids. Their smiles and stories will change your life. It doesn´t matter if you stay a week or a year, they will be happy to have you! Check out their website (http://www.hilorojo.org/) or write them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ONG.HiloRojo.TRUJILLO/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=1439053385&pnref=lhc


I hope I persuaded you and you will find some time to come and visit my second hometown 😛

Carpe Diem.

Klara Exploradora

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